"thank you for that. I feel like I have a new back!"

"Dear Tom, thank you so much for the treatment today... it was a profoundly healing relaxing treatment"

"I started seeing Tom during a very difficult time in my life, suffering from on-going depression and work related stress.

Tom’s presence is incredibly caring and reassuring. His sensitive approach automatically puts you at ease and makes you feel both safe and nurtured. I really appreciate the empathy that Tom shows and which allows you to fully trust him from the outset.

I was somewhat skeptical about acupuncture when I started, in terms of what could be achieved, but my experience has far exceeded any expectations that I might have had. I have found a real benefit both physically and mentally.

Not only has Tom been able to help alleviate many of my symptoms (of stress and depression), he has also unexpectedly cured me of the horrendous menstrual cramps that I used to suffer. This is something of a miracle, since numerous doctors, consultants and gynaecologists seemed unable to help and it seemed my only option was invasive surgery. I had given up hope of any sort of improvement and so I am eternally grateful for this new pain free life.

After each session I feel an immediate improvement in my symptoms which continues to increase. I leave feeling relaxed and peaceful. Each session is highly restorative.

Each session with Tom is unique. His intuitive and sensitive approach means that he is good at knowing what is wanted from an appointment without me necessarily needing to vocalise it. Tom’s versatility allows him to adapt and tailor a session to my specific needs.

I feel very fortunate that Tom came into my life and has been there to aid my recovery, as well as support me during a very difficult time. I would thoroughly recommend Tom"
IR, London

"I first sought out acupuncture as a non-pharmaceutical treatment to deal with aspects of polycystic ovarian syndrome, namely irregular cycles. After speaking to several practitioners over the phone, I opted to have a trial session with Tom, as he came across as the most knowledgeable, warm, and confident in the treatment. Meeting him in person confirmed these traits, and he was very thorough in taking a detailed baseline history to get the full picture of my health and lifestyle. Over the following 7 sessions, Tom continued to approach the treatment with an entirely holistic approach, including massage and suggestions for after the treatment sessions including relaxation, breathing technique, and diet. Tom administered to acupuncture treatments themselves gently and increased the intensity as appropriate, with a careful eye on what a somewhat needle-averse first timer could handle! Happily I fell pregnant within the first few months of sessions and will continue to see Tom for a few sessions before delivery."
HB, London

"Following the birth of my daughter I suffered terribly with upper and lower back pain. I went to Tom for a course of massage sessions and as soon as I had the first session the pain and aching subsided. Prior to this I was struggling to sleep after feeding my daughter but after the treatment all my muscles felt loose and relaxed. Tom also gave me some useful tips about pressure points and stretching and the free Chinese tea was nice too!"
I.Mace, Finchley

"Acupuncture was suggested to me by a friend as a way to help manage a migraine problem. Being something of a cynic in anything not immediately understandable and tangible it took me a while to be convinced of the merits of such an approach. In hindsight, I wish it was a treatment that I had started sometime earlier. Tom's calm and thoughtful approach to my "condition" together with his technical competence inspired confidence that the process was worthwhile and the sessions have been hugely beneficial with the frequency of migraine having reduced significantly over the last four / five months. I would definitely recommend and have recommended Tom's services to friends and colleagues alike for both his professional skills and excellent personal skills".
PC, London, Cynic

"I have been receiving regular treatment from Tom for fertility for several months now and wholeheartedly recommend him. Tom is natural healer: grounded, accepting, patient, generous and highly intuitive. He has a highly developed long-term personal practice and a deep understanding of his art, enabling him to be open and informative about his approach. I have found that he is able to meet and work with me, wherever I am in myself and in my body. His extensive toolbox enables him to respond very thoroughly and on many levels, using acupuncture, massage, teaching Qi Gung techniques as well as talking things through. Acupuncture was suggested to me by my IVF clinic and I will admit that I was initially skeptical because my experience of it previously didn’t feel particularly helpful. However, I have been astonished not just at how much better I feel in myself after sessions and the clearing up of long term niggling issues, but by the distinct bodily sensations and even images arising in the mind that have allowed me to directly perceive shifts in the energy patterns in my body during treatment. So far I have been through one round of IVF with Tom and found that I suffered far less from side-effects, emotional instability and fatigue than the women I met at my IVF clinic. I thoroughly look forward to the ‘lift’ I receive from my weekly sessions and encourage anyone interested in boosting their health and well-being, for whatever reason, to try a visit to Tom".
T.O, Psychotherapist

"In pregnancy my back gave me a lot of difficulties. Thank goodness for the acupuncture sessions with Tom, they gave me a great deal of relief and resolved the problem entirely. Ive not had a occurrence since".
S. Sowe, Primary School Teacher

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