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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acupuncture?
- Acupuncture is an elegant and effective system of healing that uses the insertion of needles into specific points on the body for therapeutic effect. There are over 360 acupuncture points, mostly located along channels or meridians that connect and integrate the body. Originating in China, it has been developed and refined for over 2,000 years.

How does it work?
- The insertion of needles is used to tonify deficiencies and disperse excess to balance the body and restore nature health. As well as using needles acupuncture employs the use of a variety of techniques such as the application of moxa (a warming herb), cupping and gua sha (a type of massage). The basic premise is to restore health by removing blockages, just as dry land is nourished by proper irrigation. It has been shown to benefit a wide variety of conditions including fertility, back pain and fatigue.

What should I expect?
- The needles used in acupuncture are extremely fine and so the treatments are relatively painless. Some people describe new sensations of flow or tingling within the body and most experience a sense of ease and relaxation during and following treatment.

How often do I need to come for treatment?
- Acupuncture aims to address your presenting symptoms but also treats the underlying root of any illness. Length of treatment will depend on the individual and the type of condition presenting but commonly results should be seen between 3-5 treatments, with session spaced weekly or fortnightly. By restoring your own natural flow acupuncture aims to create long lasting resolution to illness.

How much does it cost?
- Treatments are 75 for one hour or 45 for half an hour. It is generally recommended to have an hour and a half for the first treatment to allow for a full consultation. Treatment packages, 3 for 210 and 5 for 325, are also offered. Acupuncture and massage are often combined within treatment.

Herbs are prescribed at 55 per week for dry, raw herbs.

Cost for treatment at Triyoga can be found on their website: www.triyoga.co.uk

For further information on Acupuncture please visit the British Acupuncture Council: www.acupuncture.org.uk

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